Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Think of all the POSSIBILITIES...

“I am looking for a lot of people who have an infinite capacity to not know what can’t be done.” Henry Ford
If you’re a positive thinker you already believe in the power of Possibility Thinking. But if your natural inclination is negativity or cynicism, I want to ask you to consider how many highly effective or influential people you know who focus on what can’t be done? Regardless of your situation in life, allowing the benefits of Possibility Thinking to permeate your thoughts will bring amazing benefits. It will open up more possibilities and outcomes in situations, it will keep you motivated and positive, it will help you achieve more, and it will give you energy.
Possibility Thinking goes beyond refusing to allow negative thoughts. Possibility Thinking requires believing in solutions and finding ways to make them happen. If you believe there is no way to make something better, no way to be successful, how much energy, time, or commitment will you invest? But if you embrace a possibility, pour belief into what you are doing, your energy will soar and you will meet with unimagined success in unexpected hours!

 By shifting your thoughts toward what can be done, you will start to attract other like-minded people to you. Big-thinkers tend to gravitate toward one-another. And all big-thinkers believe in the unlimited power of possibilities.

Let’s practice bringing more positive energy into our lives!

1.    Stop dwelling on anything that is wrong in a situation. Ask someone you trust to let you know when you talk about the problem instead of the possible solution.
2.   Push yourself to dream bigger. Allow yourself to set a goal, and then push it one step further. Goal setting is as important in the boardroom as in the home.
3.   Find people who inspire you! Read about those who have gone beyond the status quo. Learn from them the lesson of never, never, never giving up.

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