Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Be Positive +

"The most expensive piece of real estate is the six inches between your right and left ear. It’s what you create in that area that determines your life. We are only really limited by our own thoughts."

No matter where you go, who you talk to, or where you look - negativity is always lurking; always just a word or thought away. Forget about all the outside influences for a moment, the average person has 7500 negative thoughts a day in their own self-talk! 7500! That means we suffer 5 negative thoughts a minute! So how are we supposed to stay positive when our own inner self is working against us? The answer is simpler than it would seem, but it does require a good deal of effort. We have to train ourselves to seek out positivity. To turn our personal energy into a light-attracting source rather than a dark-room where negatives are developed. We must train ourselves to cancel negative thoughts as they are happening.

Again, there's a lot of talk about positivity - what does it really mean? HOW do you train yourself? Well, if you've ever tried to learn a sport, or play an instrument, you know it takes a lot of practice to get things right. It took me the better part of two months to learn Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the violin only to have my family beg me to take up the piano. The same law applies to learning the art of Positive Seeking. It's an overused phrase we don't pay much attention to - but practice really does make perfect. Practice seeking the positive in every situation that comes up. You're stuck in traffic and late for a meeting - I know you want to throw your coffee at the car in front of you - but instead, take a deep breath and make yourself think of something positive to do with this time. Make a call you've been putting off, say some prayers for people you've been meaning to pray for, tell yourself that maybe you're being delayed to protect you from something worse happening. Actively seek to turn the bad that's bumming your mood to something a little more easy on the soul. It won't work perfectly the first time - but keep shifting your focus from annoyance t0 productivity and before long you'll be making the shift without having to force yourself. 

Another practice that always helps is having a mantra or positive affirmation. Now don't skip ahead or stop reading, thinking to yourself "I know all about those." Sure you do - we all do - but how often are we actually using them? When was the last time you said your affirmation? I have a friend who chooses a verse from scripture each week. You may want to pick a quote or a famous saying. Or maybe something as simple as saying Peace & Love over and over again. Whatever works for you - find your calming words. Words that inspire you, encourage you, and lift you. When you find yourself thinking how bloated and chubby you feel today, how annoying your boss can be, how much you wish the kids were done with their homework...repeat your phrase to yourself. Think it five, six, ten times. However many it takes to restore your sense of calm and composure. However many times it takes to shift your thoughts from harmful emotions to helpful ones. I wear a bracelet that is a constant reminder, and very often all it takes is a glance at my wrist to snap me into remembering what emotions I choose to make important in my day. 

If all of that seems too complicated, then just think 'pineapple' over and over again. Yes, I said 'pineapple'. Another friend, one of my favorite friends, recently shared with me that that's her word of choice. Pineapple. Who knew? She dared me to cancel out a fearful or negative thought by saying pineapple over and over again and picture anything BUT a pineapple. I tried...and sure enough the only bad thing that came to my mind was the desire for a pina colada. She told me she has even tried to picture the fearful thing peeking out from behind the pineapple, but the only thing she ends up seeing in her mind's eye is a big, juicy, harmless piece of fruit. So pick yourself a fruit you love - maybe you're more of an apple or a grapefruit - and cancel, cancel, cancel any thoughts that don't make you smile. Personally, I'm sticking with the pineapple image. After all, it is said to be the symbol of welcome and that's exactly what we're trying to do - welcome positive energy into our lives.

So first things first! Let's practice bringing more positive thoughts into our own minds.
1. Be aware of your focus - are you allowing negative self-talk to lead your mood? Take charge, seek the positive. Don't empower doubt, fear, anger, anxiety with your words. Instead empower peace, love, harmony, and joy.
2. Actually USE a mantra or affirmation to remind yourself what you choose to focus on. When a bad thought comes - use your uplifting words to cancel out the negative.
3. Picture a Pineapple and repeat the word again and again until the only thing you see is a symbol of welcome.

My wish for you is that all your days be wrapped in Peace & Love - Mama Love

Gemstones, as well as everything of the earth, have energy. Learning which energies to surround yourself with can bring amazing positiveness.

In seeking protection, healing, and increased positive energy - choose Agate



  1. Thanks for the POSITIVE message...just what I needed today! I love your jewelry, btw. I tried my hardest to get people over to your facebook page for your contest. {lots of "Elizabeth McLachlan" sent me notes!} I truly believe you've found a great connection between your positive message and your jewelry. Be well~Liz

  2. Thank you so much, Liz! It is our mission to help bring light into peoples lives. Peace and love affect the mind, body, and soul. Nothing more important! Hope you are the winner of the contest!! Many blessings to you! xo