Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

"I don't know why they call it heartbreak.  It feels like every other part of my body is broken too."

Let's talk broken hearts. We've all had one - some of us more than a few times. So how do you stay positive, or move toward positive, when the weight on your chest and the pain in your heart makes you wish you could stay in bed and block out the light? The hard part about a broken heart is the time it takes to heal. Depending on what or who smashed into it - because not all broken hearts are caused by romance - the pain could last anywhere from a moment to a millenium. Now that may not sound uplifting or hopeful, but it is. There are things in life that are going to suck. That's the bad news and there's no other way to say it! But there are ways to survive and come out better on the other side of the hurt.

Regardless of how devastating the injury, eventually you will feel whole again. That's the good news. If you can begin to focus on that fact, the idea that this too shall pass, you will begin the healing process. Abraham Lincoln used to say he could do anything for twelve hours. Some days you have to string twelve-minute "I can do this" moments together. But the twelve minutes will turn into two hours, then two days, then two months, then one day you'll forget to wake up sad.

Positive or focusing on attracting Positive Energy doesn't mean you've lived a charmed life or that blue birds greet you each morning. Just as many pitfalls, heart-breaks, and struggles are faced by those who choose positive as by those who don't. The difference is by attracting hope and the belief that all things work together for makes the dark days a little brighter and easier to survive.

Let's practice bringing more Positive Energy into our lives!

1. Accept that this hurts. Acknowledge the pain, and the utter unfairness! Now decide not to let this beat you.

2. Don't expect to feel totally happy or positive every moment. Feeling positive is a choice. You have to force yourself to focus on something that will bring you a sensation of joy or at the very least contentment. The more you do, the more positive energy that will be attracted to you and, the better things will become.

3. Stand up tall, sit up straight, and pull your shoulders up and back. The physiology of your body actually effects your emotions. Force a smile. Force yourself to lift yourself up physically and it will lift you emotionally.

4. Do something nice for someone else - it will help you remember that we all have struggles and that by sticking together, we can survive anything.

My wish for you is that all your days be wrapped in Peace & Love - Mama Love

Gemstones, as well as everything of the Earth, have energy. Learning which energies to surround yourself with can bring positive energy. Chalcedony - Helps flow more love and light into ones life. Increases creativity, helps dispel built up negativity.

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