Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Greetings from Puerto Rico!

All photos by Matt Schulze

Our bestie, Matt Schulze just sent us these from location in Puerto Rico. He's there filming The Fast & The Furious 5. Bringing his old character Vince back to life. A few of his old castmates like Jordana Brewster, Paul Walker and of course, Vin Diesel have returned too. They are all having a great time catching up. The film will be released in May. Can't wait to see it!!!


How beautiful is the sky anyway???!!!! Loooove it!

We miss you Matt!!! Come home soon:) xo

Gonna throw this up here too because we just found it and watched it for the first time. Watch yourself though because Matt does curse like a truck driver but it's all good.. It's Matt opening up about real life.  He truly is being himself in this interview. Just like a regular conversation with him. The only thing missing is how funny he really is. When he's in the right mood, he can make you laugh harder than anyone you know. Truth!



  1. Is this off season in Puerto Rico - Always wanted to visit. Your jewelry is gorgeous.

  2. All I know is that it is HOT season. Matt says that his sweat is sweating!!! Never been so don't know much about it other than they have been filming in the jungle. Thanks for the compliment! xo