Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Give A Little Bit

The best and easiest way to bring love into your life is to give your love to others. Not only to people that you already know and love but with people you don't know too. You get who we're talking about, right? STRANGERS. Even the word "stranger" doesn't sound very appealing but in general, we usually come across a lot more strangers in a day than people we know. You see them at the gas station, the market, walking down the street, think about how many strangers we come across in the course of one day. They're everywhere! So here's the deal. Let's start a love movement. Love for others equals love for ourselves so it's a win win situation.


Tis the season to start showing all of those strangers some love. You can even begin with baby steps if you must. Maybe just start with smiling at people, not in a creepy sort of way but a nice friendly smile. Next maybe you can let someone go ahead of you at the market if they have less than you. This will involve actually talking to a stranger but still, you don't have to say that much and you will probably shock them with your kindness. We're moving in baby steps here because we know that some of you are shy and that may hamper your willingness to share the love. So, if you need to stick with the smiles for a while, that's OK. At least you are giving it your best effort. But what we are looking towards is the next step and this isn't always easy for some people to do. We would LOVE for you to start giving strangers compliments. Compliments are usually totally unexpected from a stranger and it makes people feel so totally unexpected good! It always makes you feel good to get a compliment, right? Making others feel good makes us feel good too. Good energy all around. You never know how much you may change someones day with just giving a little bit... of love.

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