Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kelly Cutrone Needs Another Hug From Amma ASAP!

We love Ms. Kelly Cutrone of Peoples Revolution and Kell On Earth! Even when she's mad. Nobody does mad better. This girl never minces her word. She's awesome! We had to share this video with you of Kelly on a rant after NOT receiving her wake up call at the Sheraton in Canada this morning.


We thought it was funny and ironic. Not funny ha ha because she wasn't woken as promised, because that can be a big bummer and very stressful. But because a few hours before this she had been meditating with Amma. If you don't know who Amma is, she is the most famous hugger in the world. She is a spiritual guru who travels the world giving out free hugs. People stand in very, very long lines for hours to receive a special hug from Amma.

So, here's the video and Ms. lovely Kelly, even you have to find the irony a little funny. After you make it to your destination on time, that is:)

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