Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stand Up 2 Cancer!

All day today and tomorrow we will be donating 10% of ALL SALES that are made at to Stand Up 2 Cancer. Their organization uses 100% of ALL its donations in collaborative cancer research! How awesome is that?!

Almost everyone has been affected by cancer in some way by either a loved one being diagnosed or having been diagnosed with it themselves. But here is the AMAZING news that we do not hear enough about...through research, we have been making great strides and MANY PEOPLE ARE SURVIVING cancer every day. DID YOU HEAR THAT? Way more people than you know are SURVIVING cancer due to the OUTSTANDING RESEARCH!

But more needs to be done. We need a lot more research to find a CURE for EVERY kind of cancer! Some cancers are curable and some are not. Lets put every effort into making sure that ALL cancers are curable in our lifetime! We can do this!

Don't forget to watch Stand Up 2 Cancer tomorrow night September 10 at 8:00PM ET/PT and 7:00PM  CT on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX networks. 

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