Saturday, May 28, 2011

Remembrance & Gratitude

A few days ago, I was standing at Ground Zero. I had never seen it with my own eyes before. The last time I had stood in that spot, the towers were still there. Even after 10 years, Ground Zero still feels like a very sacred place.

As I walked from Ground Zero to Battery Park,  my heart was heavy while thinking about all of the people who had lost their lives on that day. They were soldiers in a war and didn't even know it. I consider every one of them to be American hero's, who died with grace.

                                            World Trade Center Memorial, Battery Park

So, while we're remembering and giving gratitude to all of our brave military members who have lost their lives in battle this Memorial Day, let's also remember those who perished on 9/11. God bless them all!

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  1. I still cannot remember a day since that horrible day that I don't flashback to something! Whether or not it's a plane or a bus or something, I can still remember what it was I was doing that morning the planes flew into the WTC and Pentago and Shanksville I lost a lot on that day and a month later! 2001 was not a good year in my life, it started off on so much hope and happiness but ended in grief and complete and utter sadness! God I at times I wish I could wake up and have it be Septmeber 10, 2001 and have the foresight to know how to stop that one day that changed our nation! I have faith in our nation to rise above this still, and I have hope that as a nation we never get so complacent again as not to rest on our lourals! We must remmeber the vast many men and women fighting to keep us safe! We must also remember the vast many people just not of our nation but other nations who lost people on 9-11! God bless this post and God bless the United States of American! You know me as Faithlovechell from Twitter! Excellent post!